Sunday, June 2, 2013

Top Three Foods for Literary Inspiration

Over the years, I've used a variety of methods to help me focus on my writing. One of the methods is to have some sort of food or drink nearby to snack on. Somehow this helps me concentrate—who knows why.

While this could easily turn ugly (sitting at a computer and eating all day is not exactly a recipe for a healthy life), it is, perhaps, a viable method of creating inspiration. At least, I think so.

Or maybe it's just a mental thing.

Without further ado, then, I give to list of top three foods that inspire me while writing!

3) Cheez-Its

A delectable, crackery-snackery food, having a handful of Cheez-Its on hand will perk up the laziest chapter. Or maybe it's just me. Anyway they're delicious.

Just make sure that you take a handful and then put the box away, otherwise you might eat more than you intend to. I speak from experience.

2) Chocolate

Best eaten dark, chocolate is an excellent combination of sugar and cocoa. Sugar for the brain and cocoa for the imagination. (That's not a scientific mixture, by the way. I made that up just now.) The best way to eat it is half a square at a time, letting it melt in your mouth as your fingers tap-tap away at the keyboard. This leaves time for writing and eating at the same time.

Just pop it in quickly, or else you'll get chocolate on the keyboard.

1) Coffee

It's a scientific fact (or so I've heard, anyway) that heat is a vital component to provoking an imagination to action. That's why taking a shower or going on a walk tend to help jog inspiration out of bed.

Thus, coffee is best drank hot, and, like chocolate, dark. Spoiled people like me prefer Starbucks. Sipping on a cup in the morning wakes both you and your imagination with an influx of caffeine.

And yeah, I know, coffee is a drink. But “Top Three Foods and Drink for Literary Inspiration” just sounds awkward.

So there you have it, three resources for you to use to help you write. Maybe they'll work for you, too.

Or maybe not.

But what sorts of food or drink (if any) do you use to provoke inspiration?

Anyway, just remember to use these resources sparingly, especially coffee. I'm about to have my third cup and I'll probably regret it later...but hey, can't let the rest of the pot go to waste, and nobody's drinking it. Yay for me.


  1. Oh, yeah. Chocolate. Definitely chocolate. I don't drink coffee and have no idea if Cheez-Its are even available in Canada... O_o I'll have to look. I actually find that staying hydrated with water is the best way to keep my brain engaged.

  2. Mmm. Chocolate and Cheez-Its. I'm not a coffee fan, though.

    My foods/drinks . . . I like to have a cup of tea in the morning, though I'm not actually sure how much that helps my writing. And a Lifesaver after lunch can be quite nice to start off an afternoon writing session.

    I tend to, of late, use food more as a reward, though. (E.g., I can have my chocolate yogurt after I write x pages, or something else to that effect.)

  3. Tea. Earl Grey, with cream, and a little sugar. And Gummy Bears. Oh and nuts. Like cashews or almonds.

  4. TEA! Black, loose-leaf, steeped until it's opaque.
    Also vinegar chips so strong they make you sweat.
    And cheese with pasta. (With very garlicy bread, of course.)