Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What's A Blog About?

Greetings, wanderers from near and far!  This post marks the debut of my new blog, "Reflecting the Mirror".

When one starts a new blog (something I haven't done since beginning Teenage Writer nearly three years ago) the first question to answer is this: what's it going to be about?

So far I've found that question hard to answer.  The primary reason I created this blog is to fill a literary hole in my life: something you might not know about me is that I'm very fond of writing essays, for lack of a better word.

Before you shut down your computer at the sight of that awful word, let me explain that I mean "essay" in the very best sense: a piece of writing having to do with one's opinion on a subject, whether it be G. K. Chesterton's infamous essay "On Lying in Bed" or a simple theological treatise or a commentary on some political issue.

I mentioned, however, that I've found the question of this blog's subject hard to answer.  That's because I don't want this blog devoted exclusively to one thing.  If anything, the subject of this blog is everything - or everything that comes to mind, anyway.

So what should you expect?  Well, the one thing I know I'll be writing (at one point or another) is an essay.  Besides that, it's all open.  I could revive old traditions and give some cautionary words on rabbits; I could very seriously write a theological post on justification; I could post pictures of Africa; I could post stories on Africa; I could talk about lying in bed; the possibilities are endless.

One thing I do promise, however: it is going to be entertaining!

Welcome to Reflecting the Mirror.


  1. I like the concept, but there's an awful lot of white (which is hardest on the eyes) maybe change the primary color to a cream or beige if possible? It just makes it easier to read xD

  2. Maybe you could stick a Blogger follow option on your sidebar? And I agree: it's a tad too much white, but I love the actual design! I'm excited to see the random posts that spring forth from this blog!

  3. I agree about some color, maybe more black and white with stripes??? Anyway, I would love to hear stories of Africa, a wonderful way to keep them alive, maybe someday in a book? I think even relating theology, etc. to Africa would be appropriate. Just sayin....

  4. I love the new blog, Jake! (I actually really love the white, personally, though it looks like I may be outvoted.) I'll definitely be reading. Just one thing- as Eldra said, could you put a Blogger follow option somewhere? Please?
    Thank you, and I'll definitely be following this!

  5. I like the white... it keeps it simple. Really excited about this new blog and can't wait to read whats coming :)

    Read about my writing and cooking here-

  6. The follower button is added! It took a little bit of searching. I guess Google wants everything transferred over to Google+, so they managed to hide the Followers gadget.

    Looks like the poll is just about tied up, so make sure and vote. I'll see how I can tweak things to see how I can tone down the white a bit.

    Thank you, everyone, for your thoughts!