Concerning the Writer

J. Tobias Buller, better known to the internet by the moniker Jake, is a jack-of-all-styles in the writing world.  Besides writing tips for other writers on his blog Teenage Writer, he's the author of The War Horn, a historical fiction novella available as an e-book, and has written numerous unpublished novels.  He loves books of all kinds, including theology and Christian fiction, and regards G. K. Chesterton as one of the masters of literature and articulation.  (This explains why he quotes him so often, much to the dismay of those around him.)

He's an evangelical Christian who prefers no other labels.  He believes in Christian orthodoxy: that Christ, God incarnate, has paid the ultimate price for our sin so that we may be called righteous before God and reconciled to him.  This truth pervades everything he does and believes.

He currently resides in Liberia, West Africa with his parents and siblings, to further the cause of God's kingdom.

Want to contact him?  His email is jtbdude [at] gmail [dot] com.  He loves to hear from his readers, so don't hesitate to shoot him a quick email.

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